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VDI Technologiezentrum GmbH: strong under the umbrella of the VDI Group

We promote research and innovation – at three locations in Germany. As part of the VDI Group, we can rely on a strong network of experts.

Research funding is our passion and our strength. As a project management agency, we support various customers in designing future questions in these business areas:

  • key technologies,
  • health, sustainability and energy,
  • digitisation, security and mobility,
  • innovation and education.

VDI TZ locations in Germany

Our spatial proximity to our customers and stakeholders is very important to us because it enables a close exchange and trusting collaboration. That's why you can find us at three central locations: at our main offices in Düsseldorf and at our branches in Berlin and Bonn.

Synergies within the VDI Group

As a company of the VDI Group, VDI TZ is part of a strong network. VDI Group combines not just VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V. - Association of German Engineers and VDI GmbH, but also eight additional companies. This creates numerous synergies which we as a 360° innovation service provider can make use of in order to promote and accelerate research and innovation.

Minna Mäkinen

Minna Mäkinen

Corporate Communication

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