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A successful future with our services

As a 360° innovation service provider, we provide our services to customers from federal administration, the federal states and the EU Commission to successfully implement future tasks.

Our globalised world is facing enormous environment, economic and social challenges. Only research and innovation can solve the problems of modern society and contribute to a successful future.

At VDI TZ, we focus on key and future technologies such as

  • quantum technologies,
  • photonics,
  • material research,
  • digitalisation,
  • security research,
  • improved health systems,
  • forward-looking strategies for more sustainability and energy efficiency,
  • new mobility concepts and
  • concepts for further education and advanced training.

As a 360° innovation service provider, we offer services to our customers from the German federal government, the German state governments and the EU in 4 areas:

Project management and more

We are one of the leading project management agencies in research funding and are also responsible for running the certification body for tax funding for research and development in companies.

Promoting innovation means designing innovation

We assist and promote innovation and pave their path to society. We coordinate the broad development of research roadmaps and advise our customers in their structural policy strategies.

Organising networks

We network with excellent scientists and high-performing businesses to create important interfaces in Germany and throughout Europe through our work.

Communicating science

We bring research findings to the general public through professional science communication.

Minna Mäkinen

Minna Mäkinen

Corporate Communication

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